Last, but not least, you could always apply some insulation tape. Ever wonder why you can see your breath when its cold outside but not when it’s warm? Research suggests that women may feel colder or have a higher preferred temperature than men. This is due to the fact that air requires less water to saturate it at lower temperatures. The second option is to apply some filler. Well, while that is true you’ll save a lot of money on your heating costs each year. An electric fireplace could be another great option to keep your home warm and cozy. They are cheap to buy and available at most hardware stores and the Web. Some may use radiators filled with hot water from a boiler. So, if you live on a busy street, the noise won’t keep you awake at night. I prefer making curtains as I can use all kinds of attractive patterns and colors. So you’ve gone around and sealed up any gaps by your windows and doors. People are more likely to feel cold when they are at home than in places like an office or a commercial building, said Danny Li Hin-wa, an Associated Professor from City University’s department of architecture and civil engineering. To keep yourself warm over the next few days, Lam says you should wear more layers of clothes, and move around more by exercising or doing chores. If you're cold even though your thermostat indicates you shouldn't be, your furnace likely isn't the problem. But, when the outside is colder than the inside, we do perceive a difference, and so there is more stimulus, and so we 'feel' that it's warmer inside. Air in the winter is usually very dry. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my school days, it’s that heat rises. And, no, I don’t mean you have to wear even more clothes! This saves more energy, he added, as a typical electric blanket will use 60 watts, whereas a heater will use anywhere between 1,000-2,000W. Even though temperatures have begun to pick up again, there’s a reason why your home still feels chilly, says the former director of the  Hong Kong Observatory. . The evaporative cooling effect can also make an inside temperature of 72 F in the winter feel colder than an inside temperature of 72 F in the summer. When you heat up the living spaces in your house, the heat will head towards the attic. Why Do I Get Cold After Working Out? Lam Chiu-ying said it’s because the buildings in Hong Kong are built in such a way that the inside temperature takes its time adjusting itself. Glazed windows and doors will cost a few thousand dollars to get installed. If the air is humid, it has a high water content. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Small Draughts One of the most obvious sources of cold in your home is draughts, as you can feel the cold air on your skin. is a good place to start. They are cheap to buy and available at most hardware stores and the Web. It’s caused by … If you have a northernly facing home, it tends to be a colder home. It … What else can you do to heat up your home? Another effect contributing to the cooler feeling outside on a damp day is the lack of sunlight. In the daytime the outside may quickly warm up if there's sunshine, but the temperature varies less between day and night in your house, so the temperature inside is closer to the average temperature for the whole day and night. The same thing happens when I take a shower. Plus, I know they’ll be a perfect fit for my home. Thank you Teleflora these are beautiful #blogger #, Telflora always amazes me these are so beautiful, My beautiful Bella I can have you , with me always, Bella it’s a week since your gone, missing you s, Beautiful roses from # try again #blogger #roses, Beautiful flowers for the holidays Teleflora you a. –Andrew Kiss, Halifax, N.S. Caulk can take anything from 30 minutes to 24 hours to cure, depending on the product you use. Your thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland at the base of your neck. “When the temperature first [began] dropping, your house would still feel warm because heat from warmer days was trapped within the walls,” Lam said.