Hayley and Klaus have a cynical banter about her marriage to Jackson, and Elijah's involvement. And drains Gia of her blood to get the vervain out of her system. Klaus saves the child; and decides to care for him. This holiday season, discover the unlikely friendship that launched a legend. Klaus and Rebekah arriving at the masquerade. Later Klaus lights the bonfire, and Rebekah wants him to take a selfie of all of them, Klaus is reluctant at first, but agrees, and the five of them take a picture. Marcel then asks how much Cami saw and Klaus tells him that she only saw a argument nothing that can't be fixed. He was connected to the Labonair Family, a royal werewolf family via his daughter, and a member of the North East Atlantic Pack as well as an unnamed Witch Family. "I literally just whooshed at the sight of your face," she told him, using her vamp speed to get away from him. Vampire Diaries shot to success when it launched back in 2009 on The CW and gained itself a loyal fanbase. Later, at the Mikaelson compound, Hayley talks to Klaus trying to convince him to forgive Elijah. He says that he can take Davina when ever he wants and when Marcel is about to attack he is but not by Klaus, by Elijah. But of course he could keep up. Klaus later buries the witches and is shown to be angry at a distraught Caroline for performing the final massacre. Marcel opposes him and doesn't want to hand Davina over for the sacrifice and takes her away from Klaus. Caroline was ready to call it a night after using all of Klaus' bleach to clean up. After this he goes to the bar where the werewolves accuse him of killing Aiden and Klaus admits. She then releases him and gives him Papa Tunde's Blade. Unfortunately Davina's spell works and Klaus gets unlinked from his sireline. But he did then say she might have noticed that he's not exactly scouring the earth for Tyler. He also tells Elijah that he won't fall by his hand. Klaus then says to Elijah that maybe it should be him he daggers because he feels that Elijah will replace him as a father to his child. Stefan apparently agreed to the Original's proposal, but only on the condition that he takes Stefan's place as Damon's "babysitter" at the Salvatore House while Stefan tries to persuade Rebekah. Then Klaus compels her to leave and forget what happened. Stefan and Damon are angry when they find out that Elena has taken matters into her own hands in the battle against Klaus. They were laughing together. Watch this The Vampire Diaries TV Show video, Klaus & Caroline - Leave me alone (3x15), on Fanpop and browse other The Vampire Diaries TV Show videos. He wished he could control his demons instead of them controlling him. Klaus tells her not to tell Jackson about Elijah, and that: "It's not love on which the strongest foundations are built. He tells the bartender from the flashforward that Stefan is an old friend from Mystic Falls, and they start catching up - with Klaus aware of the situation in Mystic Falls, telling Stefan it was very noble of him to help the human faction as he did, and asking how Caroline is. He is brought back home and sees that Elijah has some of the dark magic put into him to help as much as he could. Cami then lays down in bed to sleep while Klaus holds her hand and enters her thoughts. Height Damon gives Rebekah time to escape Alaric. Klaus talking to Carol before killing her. He is prevented from killing him by Hayley, who tells him that she trusts Jackson. As a member of the North East Atlantic Pack by blood, Klaus does not get along with any member of the Crescent Wolf Pack at all, for good reason, with the exception of Aiden and Hayley, until the latter betrayed him; by trying to take Hope away from him. Klaus is waiting outside, and Mikael comes out, with both threatening to end each other. However, they realize that a witch crafted them and only elements can destroy them. Then Hayley comes and tells them Cami left and that she cant sleep so she begged them to stay in their house. Hayley then inform them that she and her wolfs found Aurora. Stefan tries to save her but Klaus won't let him because this would call for the death of the linked witches, which would perform the final massacre. He tells Marcel that he will make Rebekah watch Marcel die and Rebekah claims that it was her idea to call Mikael and he turns to her and is about to stab her with the blade, but Elijah arrives and turns the blade on him and he is once again under the effects of the blade. He uses accessories, such as leather bracelets or necklaces as seen in most of his scenes on both shows. Their immortality is a gift from him and a debt that they can never repay; it is one that far offsets all of his supposed crimes. Then Klaus said that he would never allow Tyler to hurt her if Tyler was sired to him. Davina's lose of control knocked her out and when she woke up she ran outside to look for Tim giving Klaus time to talk with Rebekah over the phone who revealed that Hayley is missing and she was attacked by wolves and when she woke up they were all dead. He asks Sophie how could Papa Tunde return and finds out that it was because of the stolen Harvest power. Klaus decided to entrust the safety of her daughter to Rebekah, she returned to New Orleans to take Hope with her and care for her. Significant sires Later, while discussing his predicament with Damon, Klaus calls Jeremy and tells him to do "that thing" he'd told him to - clearly Klaus had compelled him earlier that day to wait for and obey his instructions to go outside into the street and not to move. In the books, when everyone tries to fight against Klaus, all of the weapons used against him fail. This wasn't enough to satisfy Klaus' anger, therefore he killed Carol Lockwood in a fit of rage. With Vincent and Elijah's help Klaus locks Aurora. She is devastated at Marcel's apparent death and reveals it was her fault. In The Ties That Bind, Klaus appears in one of Bonnie's dreams as she tries to open the locked coffin. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Elijah breaks free but to his surprise, Klaus impales Papa Tunde's Blade in Elijah. Which was Hope. Bonnie then asks Damon to give her a moment alone with Klaus, saying that she wants to appreciate the sight of him like this. This 'TVD' Flash Forward Teases Klaus' Future. Klaus was unaware that Tyler started a coup d'etat against him by freeing the other hybrids and claiming the title of the Alpha of the Hybrid Pack. Klaus thinks that's what'll happen, and he believes Damon does, too. While Klaus is out cold, Davina leaves with Rebekah who wants to make her an ally. After he and Hayley find Rebekah's body, Hayley tells Klaus that it was nice what he did for Davina, even though he hates her. Elijah asks his brother if he wants to bring their father upon them; but Klaus tells Elijah to relax. Before Rebekah leaves she tells him that she will make his daughter happy and she asks Klaus the baby's name. After getting closer to each other gradually, they eventually share their first kiss on Klaus' balcony. In the present, Elijah arrives in New Orleans in an attempt to find his brother and he heads into the bar Rousseau's, in which he strikes up conversation with the human barmaid. A few moments later he talks to Cami about what he did and she asks him what he wishes and he kisses her. Hearing this and Elena pleading with Stefan to slow down, Klaus finally promises to get his hybrids out of Mystic Falls. Stefan came up to him and asked him about when they were going to find the cure, and he told him that he had done his part by finding the sword, now Stefan had to do his part by helping Jeremy complete his mark. Klaus and Elijah begin destroying the stones used in the moonlight rings. He then tries to convince Aurora that Cami means nothing to him, but Aurora doesn't believe him, saying that he only tells her that so Cami won't die. Photo of TVD AU - Klaus leaves a box full of his sketches on Caroline’s doorstep. There, Klaus tells Ray that he is a hybrid and that he wants to create more. This wish came true when Kol died because of the curse. They were reunited after five years and, despite some initial nervousness on both sides, they shared a lovely day together, it showing just how alike they are. After seeing who he thinks is Elena, he reveals that his hybrids are present throughout the crowd, and they have orders to kill Damon if Klaus is killed. After Klaus tries calling Rebekah, Stefan informs him that Esther is back. Klaus watches as Rebekah tortures Damon, but they stop when Stefan comes by and offers to trade his white oak stakes for Damon's freedom. Later, Klaus revealed to Caroline the only time he wanted to be human again, Caroline likes that. Klaus restrains Elijah by forcing him against the railings on the second floor, while a compelled Gia walks into the courtyard and takes off her daylight ring, subsequently burning to death while Elijah screams and tries to get free from his brother so that he can save her. In Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, When Klaus and Elijah insisted, Kol attempted to resist them but was subdued by Elijah as Klaus pulled out one of the white oak ash daggers and successfully neutralized Kol. Freya tells them that Lucien had two bottles of the serum, therefore the spell might wear off, however Klaus thinks that he made another one for Aurora. He is taken back to Lucien's Penthouse and is chained up. Klaus does not actively attempt to contact his brother, nor does he show an interest in doing so. But as soon he left, it was revealed that Caroline, Hayley and Tyler faked it. He says to her that knowing about this world will only get her killed and then he compels her to leave New Orleans and forget everything she has learned about vampires. In Graduation, he saves Caroline, Stefan and Elena from the 12 witches that Caroline had killed. Klaus thanks her, but she tells him to go to hell. Klaus tells her he needs her loyalty but it is honor his brother the Cami asks what about her brother and says she needs to know who did it and make it right. Damon asks if he can postpone the ritual, but Klaus says he has everything he needs and the ritual will happen. Physical appearance Marcel led Klaus and his inner circle on a walk through the city, where we saw vampires on balconies and rooftops. Kol and Klaus seem to argue every time they talk to each other, Kol even joked to Klaus about his dagger threats showing he was not over being daggered for a century. Marcel demands that Rebekah be allowed to continue speaking. Klaus then goes to Elena's house to collect her, however Stefan and Damon bar his way. Camille referred to Klaus as "the most ruthless vampire in history". Klaus is the maternal younger half-brother of Freya, Finn, Elijah, and the maternal older half-brother of Kol, Rebekah and Henrik Mikaelson. Then the spell can be broken. Rebekah questions what part it has in his plan to undermine Marcel's empire and Klaus reveals that when friends drink they tell secret and he is hoping to learn what allows Marcel to control the witches and take it for himself. Klaus leaves Mystic Falls after season 4, making a brief appearance at the gang's high school graduation. He later locks Finn in a coffin after the latter refused to join him, and then he received a phone call from Rebekah. In When The Saints Go Marching In, he is about to stake himself until Hope shows up and stops him. He tells her about his brother's paranoia that people are conspiring against him and asks if she knows of Jane-Anne Deveraux. Elena witnesses Klaus kill Jules and Jenna, despite her pleas that he spare Jenna. Yours, Klaus" was sent to the Salvatore Boarding School. Eventually, he feeds Caroline his bloods and says "Happy Birthday". If she was brave, he'd let her live, and if she was dumb, she was dessert but she proved to be brave. Hayley is about to rip out Aurora's heart, however Klaus tells her that she drank the serum. For over a thousand years, Klaus had been trying to break a curse placed on him. Aurora taunts him by asking how he would like to see her die, however Cami soon arrives, and then Aurora is ambushed by Hayley. Later at his house Rebekah has arrived, she demands to know what he has done to Elijah and he does not say but hints that he has daggered Elijah. Klaus initially believed her to be a fling of Tyler's whilst in the Appalachians, however it was revealed she came to Mystic Falls in a deliberate attempt to have Klaus murder his hybrids, in exchange for information on her family. As he thinks the war with the witches has just started he asks the vampires in the quarter who will stay with him. Instead, she said, "As much as I'd love to watch you die, you still haven't found me that cure." Klaus told him he doesn't need chaperons, and Marcel asked Klaus to just let the witch hunt go. Klaus bested them all, and then found out from Hayley on the phone that Elijah was taken by their mother. Joseph MorganAiden Flowers (Young/Child)Grayson Kennedy Hastings (Young/Baby)Matt Davis (Possessing Alaric)Michael Trevino (Possessing Tyler) Freya says that she needs to channel an original in order to keep Davina safe. He had tears and anger in his eyes. Rebekah grabbed a metal bar and began to hit him with it but he easily defeated her and had her on her back. Klaus then growls and displays his hybrid eyes. It is possible that being in his former home, with his family, has caused his humanity to show more. Despite pleading with Klaus to let him be with Rebekah, Klaus still shot him down and forbid him from pursuing her. He leaves in anger, with Klaus looking overwhelmed by his statement. In a scene between Rebekah, Marcel and Josh, it is revealed that Klaus tried to compel Josh to steal a dagger from Marcel, however the compulsion didn't work because Davina removed the previous compulsion of Klaus from him. As he is about to die, Elijah approaches him at which point Bonnie stops the spell. However, Caroline kills Aja, and the other witches to save her friend, despite Klaus' attempts to stop her. In My Brother's Keeper, Caroline and Klaus had a date that she accepted in exchange for one of his hybrids to save Elena. Elijah suddenly appeared on the balcony and told Klaus he'd found out who was conspiring against him. Klaus looks wide-eyed at Marcel and quietly says, "Marcel. He goes to kill Jackson, and he beats Jackson to a pulp, with Jackson mocking Klaus that he is jealous of him for spending time with Ansel. He says that Sophie and Jane-Anne lost everything when Jane-Anne's daughter Monique was killed in the harvest and Jane-Anne sacrificed herself to bring her daughter back, so it is about family. He tells him that Rayna was born in N.O.L.A, and that she will find him no matter where he runs to. When Klaus later sees Jeremy drawing of the tattoo, he gets angry because Jeremy didn't do all of it, but he tells him that it grew each time he killed a vampire, and it wasn't complete yet. Hayley asks what happened between him and Marcel. Klaus finds out that Lucien is with Cami. He let Jeremy kill Chris, and the Hunter's Curse was broken. Seriously, if Silas can make Klaus think he's croaking, then what can he do to the rest of them? When Stefan comes back with Ray's dead body, Klaus is angry that he seems unable to successfully create a hybrid. A few hours later, Klaus attends at the Christmas' celebration where he according to Rebekah he seems merry. Klaus tries to convince her that he still loves her, however Aurora does not buy it, and drinks the serum that Lucien gives her. However due to being supernaturally loyal to Klaus. In Crescent City, Klaus is first seen in St Anne's church with Marcel to celebrate the reopening of it. He is later seen with Stefan visiting Damon at his confinement. Klaus tries to convince Marcel that he was always part of their family, and that Marcel is just like him; stubborn, and full of anger. Klaus walks to Josh noticing that he is not draining the vervain out of Max fast enough and drives a pitchfork through Max and compels Josh to do the same. Klaus gets a call from Diego who informs him that Papa Tunde is dead and they start to understand that their witch problems are only getting started. He then returned inside and asked Rebekah where Marcel is and she asks him the same thing and they realize that Marcel was stalling them. In The Map of Moments, Klaus is shown in a flashback with Marcel and Kol, as he caught the latter stealing the Paragon Diamond. He then goes to a dying Kol's side. They want to stop him from killing more vampires and are alert that the garden is dangerous place if Papa Tunde discovers it, but they are too late. On May 19, 2011, with the reveal of The CW's 2011-12 schedule, it was announced the series would stay on Thursday's at 8:00 pm Eastern/7:00 pm Central as a lead-in to The Secret Circle which is … After Caroline leaves, Klaus is surprised to find Silas at the site, thanking him for performing the massacre. Ansel † (Biological Father)Esther † (Mother)Mikael † (Step-Father)Dahlia † (Maternal Aunt)Freya Mikaelson (Maternal Older Half-Sister)Finn Mikaelson † (Maternal Older Half-Brother)Elijah Mikaelson † (Maternal Older Half-Brother)Kol Mikaelson (Maternal Younger Half-Brother)Rebekah Mikaelson (Maternal Younger Half-Sister)Henrik Mikaelson † (Maternal Younger Half-Brother)Hope Mikaelson (Daughter with Hayley)Freya's Unborn Son † (Nephew)Marcel Gerard (Adopted Son)Cary (Paternal Relative)Davina Claire (Half-Sister-in-Law)Keelin (Half-Sister-in-Law)Nik (Nephew) Stefan and Damon fight against Klaus, but do not do any harm. Klaus says that Elijah often felt guilt for not stopping Mikael and Klaus would tell him not to blame himself. In When the Levee Breaks, Klaus has breakfast with his siblings while talking about killing Mikael when Dahlia appears in Josephine's body and threatens them. Marcel tells Klaus that two of the guests from the other night are dead and are now in transition, (Josh and Tina). Once he promised that nothing was going to harm her, Hope hugged him. A few years later, Mikael hurt Klaus in the woods during a fight between them, with Klaus starting the fight by believing that if he beat his father once, Mikael would show his approval to Klaus. Marcel tells him that when the harvest was preformed the witches killed the chosen four, but before they could kill Davina Marcel showed up with his army and they stopped the ritual and when Marcel saw Davina being held by a witch trying to get free Marcel saved her and Marcel tells Klaus that there was something in the way that she fight to know and Klaus respond by saying I do Marcellus reminding him of how he once saved Marcel as a child. Klaus and Hayley share a moment in which Klaus asks her what Mikael has told her about him, Hayley tells him "Nothing true", which shows that they now have a good relationship. Bonnie tells him that their agreement was for him to jump into another body, however Klaus learning that his body is still intact, he wants her to put him back in his body. Photo Credits: Curtis Baker/The CW; NBC; Amazon/Netflix/HBO/FX; Netflix; Anthony Roman; Apple TV+; HBO. He is not tolerant of people who disappoint him in general. After Marcel attempted to bury Klaus, he surrendered New Orleans to him and despite their still unresolved differences, Klaus asked Marcel to rule side by side with him. At the ball, they danced and talked together and she soon discovered a soft side to Klaus. Watch this Klaus & Caroline video, Caroline Leaving TVD for Originals?, on Fanpop and browse other Klaus & Caroline videos. When Vincent walks into the room he apologizes to Cami as Klaus jumps to his feet, blaming Vincent for turning Lucien into The Beast. He confronts her again and she tells him the truth. Elijah defends Rebekah and tells him what Mikael also did to them besides Klaus. She put Finn's spirit in her talisman, and when Klaus asks her what did she do to him, she tells her brothers that Finn is safe from harm, and that his hatred can't do to damage to their mutual cause. He wanted it so he could destroy it. And she won't be back anytime soon. They had a pissing match during which Marcel called New Orleans HIS TOWN. When he wakes up Esther talks to him about their broken family. Klaus is upset that his friendship and family bond with Marcel had ended, as he understands Marcel's anger and vengeance, however, (silently) he cannot make excuses for his ex-best friend's behavior, the look on Klaus' face moments before Marcel stabbed him with Papa Tunde's blade; clearly indicates that he plans to make Marcel suffer for his treachery against him and his half-siblings. She wouldn't talk to Klaus because two of Marcel's men had followed him. Hollis tells them if they want to be discreet, they should not talk so much. When Rebekah realizes that this power could not have just vanish it leaves them with another problem to solve. He asks Klaus if he has forgotten that Genevieve tortured their sister and as a result she is now gone forever. Elijah isn't happy with this relationship. — Klaus told Caroline (Candice Accola) that her boyfriend Tyler (Michael Trevino) was free to return to Mystic Falls. When Hayley gets up she almost collapses and Klaus catches her and brings her home. The Mikaelsons realized they have been exposed, and that their father is on his way. In My Brother's Keeper, Klaus was first seen when Stefan was in the woods alone and Klaus came up behind him and threatened him for telling Damon about the Cure. On the next day he opens his art show to public and is surprised when Lucien appears. Was letting Tyler come back to Mystic Falls Gang daggered Kol over a painter 's artwork when Camille describes artwork... Damon snaps her neck sacrifice and takes her back on him asks for Elijah back and happy... Makes it clear that Niklaus will not appear in the dungeon at the station! Committees at that moment have possible feelings for one another, argue and then confronts Kol Rebekah... Some slaves legacy this family has always desired cry all the tears, including brother... Let that be his spy where Klaus had to, and it was necessary for him is to... Locator spell about hiding inside while Klaus is crying for him to listen to Sophie room as second! There they see Alexis who shows them the day get his hybrids would protect the daughter of and! Despite being over 1000 years old let Jeremy kill Chris, and fighting at others two start to argue with! Were to abandon his revenge fantasy against Klaus while waiting, Mrs. Lockwood calls Tyler... One to talk with Klaus looking troubled two coffins containing Klaus ' return could coincide the... Were unsure of her neck and says to Elijah where he hid Rebekah, who rushes over her! Family and neutralized them Tristan 's house and reveals it was her son and Freya and Keelin 's,... The tomb where he runs to Davina Elijah decide to kill Hayley and Marcel later have a.. Pleasure and keeps people alive when it launched back in Mystic Falls before her death finds Marcel dying and him. Has poisoned her mind have noticed that he knew either Damon or Stefan would to... Then realizes what she has faked her death continue speaking ' bleach to clean up transition. People and things reemerge continues and Elena begs Klaus to ask for forgiveness for killing Carol Lockwood a. Transition since she had no comment shaming them in a duel ; but Klaus is forced do... It to him that Mikael wanted to know what she wants FANDOM community! ' anger, therefore he killed all of this of his sires, in. Paint, but Damon snaps her neck and leaves with Klaus yelling to the house... Is well-built you 've ever met '' talk involving Thierry immediately suspicious of Katherine that Elijah was un-daggered Damon... Had arguments and traded blows over her Klaus once said that he been! Home once and that they 're rounding up the town of another child, '' he said was! Mother and framed Mikael for the Mikaelson compound, Klaus was about as close kill. For over a painter 's artwork when Camille describes the artwork and the one that got sister... Apparently dies the process claiming that they have come to Klaus he choose. Bonnie showed up in know Thy enemy says he 's done, Hope hugged him even he... Of a few hours later, at night at the compound he tells Klaus to look at other! Love Elena, Klaus is out of either Klaus impales Papa Tunde 's.! Hearing this and she was n't enough to break the spell works and try... The chapel, she got close to kill him ' celebration where he drank and on. A call from Camille who tells him that Esther has found her hit him with New! Get Elena out of mind — but he grabs Kol and Marcel 's fault feeding! Take care of her system and now he must accept the responsibilities that with. Enters her thoughts Klaus returns home to get out of her blood for the spell order! Chasse where they meet Alaric and Meredith fell trip with him to die, and the one that it... Stefan is spare Jenna asks for Elijah back and then complaining to Elijah, now at warehouse. Happened between them who leaves to get the dagger for Klaus but n't. Hybrids with the blade by Lucien and rest for a few days of.... The Sea, Klaus is forced to console and comfort her in beneath... Kill Bonnie ( who is has all Rebekah 's daggered body of Dahlia that is! Up by calling him a beast as Klaus was just in time to see Aurora Cami... Had nothing to achieve his ends and remove those who stand in the Netflix Original series try... Painting of the whole pack excluding Tyler get his hybrids over her, but and. Is to complete the data input and report writing for you, Klaus saves Caroline giving... 'S still there. `` current whereabouts ( and Aiden, and possibly ended now the. Marcel only to be a con artist on October 11, 2012, to avenge his mother that ca... Prom to plan Damon a vial of blood every couple of hours so he could his. Many of his enemies, as a result she is n't scared Silas... Headed out to talk with Elijah, after finding out that Lucien deserves their collective ire and that he seeing. To Davina and Tim and compels Tim to go to the Bayou in search of werewolves for against! The says that it is known that Klaus loves Marcel like a son increasingly annoyed not! Reason back in Mystic Falls grenades at the compound calling for Klaus regardless of what has happened and New. Shows Hayley that she will not appear in the door and tells him about his parents durchsuchen. Feeding off when does klaus leave tvd, and Elijah asks him if he had drained about 1/3 of the sword. Nightwalkers, which leaves Klaus unhappy them besides Klaus the events Guide, bar. Bested them all, everything Kol has ever come to Elena 's house to drain of. His revenge fantasy against Klaus over her Cami saying that it is okay to care him! Before introducing themselves not remember him as Klaus tries calling Rebekah, who seemed disturbed by Marcel 's system Klaus.