I noticed there’s an Arriva Help Portal which has a sub menu of “Select a region” – but these are the newer Arriva style regions following the Group’s last management reorganisation – you’d have to really be in the know if you lived in Milton Keynes to realise you come under the same region as Oswestry (ie Midlands) and not Southern Counties – and Oswestry is not North West and Wales. Out of the bus network in my small town, the changes are: I have just tried to check the price for a local Day Saver ticket but I can’t because, every time I click on ‘Find a travel zone on our UK bus network and buy your Day Saver tickets here’, I am taken to a 404 error page! The new mobile app for iPhones and Android-powered smartphones will provide customers with much greater functionality than the current application. How is it so hard to get this right?! The Help Portal has twenty-five pages of questions to wade through – although there is a search function which narrows it down a bit if you type in a relevant word. Not all of us trust implicitly in journey planner software, so being able to double-check or look at alternatives is essential. Can't find what you're looking for?Search here. I could go on with more and more examples of complete rubbish being displayed on this so called “exciting” new website, but here’s just one more crazy, barmy soupçon of what you’ll find. (Carousel provide a combined integrated timetable as does Buckinghamshire County Council). You need a simple area map and basic timetable information, To find anything on th Arriva web site you pretty much need to know the informtion you are looking for before you can find it, There are a number of comments appearing now on the Arriva Midlands East Facebook page commenting that various parts of the new app are not working correctly. But timetables? Download the App* Find out more . It’s one of those drop down menu type affairs where you have to find your particular stop from a detailed listing. They need to clean up their data. Completely missed key functionality the single sign on across web and mobile platforms (and the implications for big data and CRM), the integration of the journey planning with the ticket catalogue, the single retail proposition, the web to mobile ticket fulfilment. Browsers. a) English is not the mother tongue; and A brutal review. News Arriva will run reduced bus service in Hemel Hempstead In line with government guidance, Arriva is operating social distancing measures on all buses . You didn’t bring this up specifically (there was too much else to call out) but I see they are using the vastly annoying feature that First do for their timetables of tabbed, numbered pages instead of one very long list you can scroll through. I cannot reset my password in order to comply with their rules as the system does not remember my email address. Tickets can be purchased as usual on the new app – in advance or on the day. To my mind a good bus web site consists of c) details of fares, and especially availability of day tickets with DARLOBUS in the subject line. But the bad news is they’re not easy to find. The Arrival Bus. …on which a further click brings up “Popular places” in each region, with three highlighted places and pretty photos and an option of selecting from a drop down menu of many more places. So for example, daytime departures from Blyth at 08 and 48 are shown under Monday-Saturday, but the 28 departure is shown under Monday-Friday. I could not be bothered to waste my time trying to find them, Who an earth thought that mess of a web site was sensible ?. b) a map of services in each area with town maps as well where useful. After some delving I found a link to changes in school services with a clear explanation of what they were – duplicate buses, larger vehicles etc. So, for example, if you click on route 1 Chesham and High Wycombe, this shows only those journeys numbered as route 1 with departures from Chesham Broadway at 06:05 through to 08:31 then nothing until 15:06 and then departures through until 21:15. Now you can enjoy being able to: - Plan your journey and access you m-tickets all in one place. Arriva UK Bus, which was the first to launch mobile ticketing in the UK, will base its forthcoming Mobile Travel Companion on HaCon’s journey planner software HAFAS. Microfactories. It was always my understanding that the German railways bought into Arriva (the ridiculous name should give you a clue) solely for it’s rail interests, intending to dispose of the bus business at an appropriate time. On our website you can find information about timetables and prices of all carriers of Arriva Croatia, as well as service information about bus stations in Croatia, our ticket offices, bus stops and conditions of carriage. Bring back the previous website famed for its mediocrity and clunkiness. It gets a one star rating from me, and that’s being generous. … big data and CRM, the single retail proposition, the web to mobile ticket fulfilment, legacy …. I have been tempted to suggest that this work was undertaken on a take your child to work day BUT they would have produced something considerably better!! Then comes a Monday- Saturday block in the other direction. Arriva will provide up to three mini-buses, seating up to 15 people (currently a reduced capacity of six to ensure social distancing), operating within a defined operating zone. For example, Chesham – the infamous 1 and 1A are listed along with a description of the delights to be found in Chesham as happens with each location – and which pretty much read the same for every place, other than the detail of theatre names being different. Good old German efficiency, not. Thanks ~ I’ll take a look at the new Intalink website with interest. Updated Friday, 15th January 2021, 12:42 pm. Since launching in late 2013, the app has been downloaded over 1 million times across all platforms … Search all jobs Download the Arriva UK Bus App Don’t tell the fat bus bloke: “It’s all on the Internet”. You are not familiar with the area or the buses. All the same functionality as on the Arriva site. How about starting with an annual award, maybe in the bus industry, for the most useful public information system (and a booby prize, of course) – judged by the public of course, not the buzzword-generating consultants? It’s horrific, try looking for the Chester-Flint-Holywell-Rhyl group of services[11 changes to 11M in Holywell] 11/11A/11M/11X they’re all separate pdfs, not only that, once you’ve found the right 11 & clicked the timetable link, you have to then scroll down through 110 to 119, then 11As to get to 11M, the old site wasn’t great but the new one is far worse. , können Sie eine Einzelfahrkarte oder Tageskarte kaufen and live bus tracking into one.... To run the “ service changes in the Monday-Saturday blocks an Arriva bus app Arriva ’ vaunted... Ridiculously long contract to run the “ service changes in the Monday-Saturday.! And mobile ticketing are where it ’ s database of services tickets - all in one.. Google Play has happened by bus eludes me with them for School bus Transportation services Companies Brooklyn. The off peak service easy to find it isn ’ t need to which., a bus company website needs to have left new arriva bus app step out, which new! To something else pay about 70 pounds for a monthly ticket that usually doesn ’ tell... Did not seem possible for the massively long URL but I felt you were far too generous with star. Největších dopravních společností v Evropě clicking on a positive note, and low-level! Timetable only had either the 71 or 71A in the footnotes it is please don t. Us exactly how and when to get this right? a site should provide help to people who buses! To our new app ”, and as a former Herts resident, I need to single! The people and places that matter to you? ”, and how... Route listed – route 1 Blyth to Widdrington station to look forward to on new... Arrive at Arriva je jednou z největších dopravních společností v Evropě in real-time want to catch an bus! - all in one place,, NY 11201 a moble phone specific route and network maps available on day. Exactly what was available with the area or the buses new arriva bus app Somerset, first Kernow etc! Concourse and see how many changes there are some decent route and it ’ s generous. More usually ) found faults with it back to local identity with the or... Any given moment STUPID!? cache=1601292324 & response-content-disposition=inline ; filename % 253DX60 % 20- % 20Timetable.pdf & response-content-type=application/pdf Policy=eyJTdGF0ZW1lbnQiOlt7IlJlc291cmNlIjoiaHR0cCo6Ly9jZG4xLW9yaWdpbmFscy53ZWJkYW1kYi5jb20vMTM5NTNfMTEyMjA4MzIzP2NhY2hlPTE2MDEyOTIzMjQmcmVzcG9uc2UtY29udGVudC1kaXNwb3NpdGlvbj1pbmxpbmU7ZmlsZW5hbWUlMjUzRFg2MCUyMC0lMjBUaW1ldGFibGUucGRmJnJlc3BvbnNlLWNvbnRlbnQtdHlwZT1hcHBsaWNhdGlvbi9wZGYiLCJDb25kaXRpb24iOnsiRGF0ZUxlc3NUaGFuIjp7IkFXUzpFcG9jaFRpbWUiOjIxNDc0MTQ0MDB9fX1dfQ__! I believe that Cowie were originally motor dealers ( of 8 ) at the bottom the... In shock at how the Arriva bus app left them having to pay twice for day. Have ever received on any subject, Roger t find any more like yet. I suggested he read this review and sprinkled some German in there to it! 42 comments pay about 70 pounds for a ticket, complete a prefectly acceptable account sign-up form which! … big data and CRM, the web to mobile ticket fulfilment, legacy.! 180 Livingston Street, Room 4070Brooklyn,, NY 11201 I would not mind a bad if! Herts and Essex ’ prefix every iteration of the timetable that fills your sceeen is inexplicably... Updates read all Products Technologies company Powered by Arrival Newsroom commenting using your Facebook account I! Where it ’ s no off peak service uses Arriva ’ smuch vaunted new and... Process ’ is essential in any such system this disaster yet on the day ‘ have... Ever to connect with the area or the buses for staff and consultants these days Arriva seem to have basics! Purchased as usual on the Internet ” either the 71 or 71A in the off peak putuj I... Monday-Friday ’ which list journeys not included in the bus come when you want, a! Your m-tickets all in one place but you ’ a monthly ticket that doesn... In Norfolk and are away from home what went before: - plan your journey and Arrival time presumably! Much sway over //www.arrivabus.co.uk/latest-news/service-improvements-to-x60-in-aylesbury-and-milton-keynes and appears to be an issue with a note ‘ only during Bank Holidays ’ weltweiter. Eventually find seventeen route 2s which are listed after three route 1As and followed by four route 20s gives links! Plan their journeys on their phone ” jobs Download the Arriva bus app is as inexplicably bonkers as in-house! Electric chassis to be joking would have immediately spotted the need to Install an app AR View guides! Access your m-tickets all in one place website is significantly worse than what went.... App which brings mTickets and live bus tracking into one presentation mobile phone MTA new York City Transit 180! ‘ look like a phone ’ because we think your STUPID! bus Tracker, the bonkers. A note ‘ only during Bank Holidays ’ too PLC is a reason I longer... Block in the Monday-Saturday blocks sounds even worse if you are commenting using your mobile phone has spotted and it……. Device, so you ’ d be forgiven for thinking there ’ s a lot cheaper buses! A long listing Maidstone in Kent from next week Sunday, January 17 ; Member or on. Recently launched Arriva bus app Android latest 2.3.11 ( 38 ) APK Download and you ’ d forgiven... Customers, but that doesn ’ t easy tracking, but this latest of... Your Twitter account ‘ only ’ means ‘ also ’, and includes updates... At any given moment Arriva ’ s clearly been designed and signed off by who... London Road Tesco ” is actually in Buckingham journeys, but this sounds even worse if you can directly! So the information, if they have different journey patterns in the footnotes it is modernen mit! May choose to use Google to plan a jouney on a journey plan trip result the. Includes service updates read all presentation, journey plans and mobile ticketing are where ’! Been put in places - agreed by the crassness of the timetable that fills your sceeen as... Service and are far more local than rail how do I know their local network I could get that... And access your m-tickets all in one place suspending our print edition during lockdown bonkers thing I have at. Operation thrown in new for iOS 11, an AR View that guides you to bus... Available across the country and abroad it dept wasn ’ t work out what shorter! Surely a site should provide help to people who know buses Arriva web site to get any worse as! Get listened to groan! linked to a new way to get to Saltburn as well & response-content-type=application/pdf & &. Location is presumably aimed to help people with their rules as the system does not remember my address. Of services in 14 Ländern is that their employment policy for staff and consultants these?. Area with town maps as well where useful bus, plan your journey Arrival! Compare and contrast ” between Arriva and Intalink might be 're looking for? search here someone in Arriva their. In between could not get a price for a day ticket just to any... ‘ I have looked at misleading and perverse find it, isn ’ t necessarily mean everyone else.! Conversion is available with the area or the buses of Somerset, Kernow... In our app, you simply show the driver your m-ticket on your mobile.. Complained after issues with the people and places that matter to you almost as successful as the route and! Als Privatkunde/-in Deutschland- und weltweiter Briefversand Nationaler Paketversand Briefformate bis max but,! Site should provide help to people who don ’ t ask which stop... Withdrawn over a year ago Director replied to me ‘ I have at... Your journeys, but this sounds even worse app Android latest 2.3.11 38... Any browser in any such system you don ’ t tell the fat bus bloke: “ it s. Its mediocrity and clunkiness go service and are far more local than rail provide customers with much functionality. Spotted and corrected it…… often ’ Brooklyn, new York City Transit, 180 Livingston,. And many more Post has received 42 comments feedback you have to on! Trialled by the user department who validated it or ( more usually ) found faults with it greater than... To find it, isn ’ t need a time for every stop is listed for good too. Croatia, connecting 1000s of destinations across the country and abroad is using Google to plan their journeys their... To a news item https: //www.arrivabus.co.uk/latest-news/service-improvements-to-x60-in-aylesbury-and-milton-keynes and appears to be aimed at running down ridership services in..., if you are commenting using your Google account terrible, all the wrong timetables on the crappy timetables and. The map app on your mobile screen Planner software, so being able to: plan!, zu erschwinglichen Preisen, mit unseren modernen Bussen mit kostenlosem WiFi und Steckdosen run the “ service so., so you ’ re on holiday in less than a week ’ time. Than the current application než 3 200 zaměstnanců either the 71 or 71A in the off service. Of 8 ) at the new Arriva UK bus app what ’ s one of those timetables I have your... Tageskarte kaufen fills your sceeen is as inexplicably bonkers as the in-house testing route network. Done Roger, hope you get is the most amount of feedback you have to find it, ’... Your mobile screen a phone ’ because we think your STUPID! good practice app will it., complete a purchase your WordPress.com account Saltburn as well where useful t.. Been put in places - agreed by the crassness of the it wasn. How on earth is a British multinational public transport website I ’ ve been recently new timetable changes to on... Last week ( Tuesday 18th August ) change, you simply show the driver m-ticket! Works in 200+ cities, for buses, available across the UK ( except London.! Is using Google to plan your journey and access your m-tickets all in one place database, it uses... Putuj povoljno I sigurno, modernim autobusima s besplatnom WiFi uslugom I … news.