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Jean Harlow Chester Morris Una Merkel (1932) A gold digger (Jean Harlow) breaks up her boss's (Chester Morris) marriage and sins her way to financial success. Subscribe. 82% Euphoria: Season 1 (2019) (Photo by Eddy Chen/HBO) The transition from Disney star to adult actor doesn’t come easy for everyone, but as soon as Zendaya landed the role of MJ in Spider-Man: Homecoming it was clear the onetime K.C. Resume. 10 shows with perfect Rotten Tomatoes scores that you should binge watch immediately Getting a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes is not easy, but these series have somehow pulled it off. Rotten Tomatoes Watch for FREE. Cillian Murphy is one of the finest actors to ever make the leap from Ireland to Hollywood. Rent/Buy. To be included in our list of the best of Netflix shows, titles must be Fresh (60% or higher) and have at least 10 reviews. Ahead of the movie’s release, Reichardt spoke with Rotten Tomatoes about five films that were on her mind as she made First Cow, and which she feels are a piece with the new film’s look and feel, its characters, and its message. Record Series. Rosie Perez has been working in the business for decades, both as an actor as well as a choreographer, including on the series In Living Color in the early 90s. If a film gets a rating of 60 or more it gets a ‘fresh’ red tomato on the site. Sign In. The Hunt for Red October (1990) Rotten Tomatoes® 96%. ADVERTISEMENT. Menu. Play. Watch. Red Headed Woman. Ties were decided by the number of reviews on each title, and then by the “average rating” (under each season’s “See Score Details”) where the number of reviews were the same. And though the influence of Rotten Tomatoes may, in fact, be no greater than the influence enjoyed by critics before Rotten Tomatoes came along, the fact that that influence is … This is not a drill: Nearly two years after season 2 of Cobra Kai premiered on YouTube, the third season is set to premiere — and in its new home. Watch for FREE. In the same year he played a bit role in Animal House, Sutherland took center stage on the well-regarded remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.. RELATED: The 10 Best Horror Movie Remakes According To IMDB Set in San Francisco, the story concerns a race of alien seed-pods that land on Earth and slowly begin to subsume and replicate human beings as soulless, empty vessels. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) Rotten Tomatoes® 33%. In addition to acting in both movies and on Broadway, she was also the co-host of the daytime talk show The View for one season.. RELATED: Birds of Prey: 10 Renee Montoya Mannerisms Rosie Perez Nailed ... You've only got one filthy idea in your whole rotten make up. Titanic (1997) Rotten Tomatoes® 88%. Rotten Tomatoes gives films a score out of 100 based on the averaged reviews of professional film critics. 9. Netflix added the first two seasons last summer after acquiring the Karate Kid continuation from the now-defunct streaming service YouTube Premium, but the first new-to-the-world episodes are officially set to premiere in January 2021. Sign In. Start Shopping. 8. 40. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988) ... Rotten Tomatoes® 60%. Buy. Red-Headed Woman (1932) Jean Harlow as Lil Andrews. Deciding which series are worthy of inclusion on a list of the best spy shows and streaming series ever is a matter of mystery itself. Where should a complicated sci-fi caper like Starz’s Counterpart stand? Rent. Zendaya. … 79min. more. Movies. Play. Undercover star was destined for grown-up stardom.
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